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Hyrum Smith Welcomes You To His Website

Hyrum Smith Hyrum W. Smith in corporate circles is described as the ‘Father of Time Management’ and is probably associated in the minds of most people with what was FranklinQuest and is now FranklinCovey.  As the co-founder of these companies, he was directly responsible for training over 6 million people over the course of his […]

Why Do People Prcrastinate

Why Do People Procrastinate?

Why Do People Procrastinate? Procrastination is the most common self-inflicted ‘time robber!’  Whereas ‘interruptions’ are the most common form of  ‘other-inflicted’ time robbers.  So, Why do People Procrastinate?  To some, procrastination is a casual visitor, here today, gone tomorrow; to others it is a nagging mother-in-law, who comes for a weekend visit but ends up […]