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Hyrum Smith

Hyrum Smith

Hyrum W. Smith in corporate circles is described as the ‘Father of Time Management’ and is probably associated in the minds of most people with what was FranklinQuest and is now FranklinCovey.  As the co-founder of these companies, he was directly responsible for training over 6 million people over the course of his career in time management skills and increased personal productivity.

He was the time management guru, or more accurately put, the life management specialist. He “retired” from Franklin in 2004 to pursue other interests.

Make A Difference

Hyrum Smith has always been driven by a need to make a difference in the world and has traveled the globe many times over teaching the basic principles of personal productivity, time and life management, identifying and living personal values and the abundance mentality.

Hyrum Smith has inspired thousands of people to makes changes in their lives leading to personal and financial success and inner peace.

Power Of Perception

He is the author of his newest book The Power of Perception: 6 Steps To Behavior Change. In this latest book, Hyrum teaches powerful steps for personal transformation that, if followed, can bring positive life change that breaks destructive habits.

Embrace Your Inner Organizer with FranklinCovey

Hyrum Smith focuses on bringing the principles of personal and corporate productivity, success and change directly to homes and businesses using time tested principles coupled with technology of the 21st century.

The Focus

This blog site is a part of that focus. Here you will find news about Hyrum as well as interesting articles on productivity, change, time/life and financial management, tips for self improvement, links to short video clips of Hyrum teaching, information on how to access more, biographical highlights of Hyrum’s journey to success, upcoming events and how you can be involved.

You can post comments, questions, requests or anything else you feel like saying.


 Hyrum W. Smith