Beliefs People Think True

The Belief Window:

What are the beliefs people think true?  The second piece of the model looks like a window.  Up on top of that window are the words “Belief Window.” Inside of that window is the word “principles.”

In my previous article we began to really unveil The Reality Model starting with the first piece of the model, “The Human Needs Wheel”.  We learned that every human on the planet shares the same 4 basic human needs.  Now we will begin to discover how we place principles on our ‘Belief Window’ in an attempt to satisfy these powerful needs.

Understand this fact. You have what I like to call a Belief Window.  It sits in front of your face.  A wire comes from the back of your head across the top and hooks onto that window.  Every time you move, it goes with you.  You look out into the world through this window.  You accept information from the world in through this window.  On this window you have placed thousands of principles that you have accepted as correct principles.  But from where to the beliefs people think true come and what does ‘principles’ even mean?


The minute I say the word ‘principles’, a lot of people start thinking about heavy-duty religious stuff.  It’s true, that religious and ethical principles may be on your Belief Window, but there are thousands of little tiny principles as well.  We put principles on our Belief Window because we believe they’ll help us satisfy those four needs.  The number of principles you have on your Belief Window is a function of your age.  The older you are, the more principles on your Belief Window.

An Example Of Possible Beliefs People Think True

An example of a principle you might have on your Belief Window, might go something like this:  “All Doberman Pinschers are vicious.”

Which of the four needs is driving this principle?  It clearly has something to do with the need to live. Somewhere in our life, we have decided to accept the idea that Doberman Pinschers are vicious as a correct principle. We believe it, so we put that principle on our Belief Window.

What Is Next

Things are starting to come together.  We are now ready to introduce the third and fourth pieces of The Reality Model. In my forthcoming article  we will discuss the importance of ‘If/Then Rules’ and ‘Behavior’ and whey and how these pieces are critical to our thought process; and how they affect our behavior-good or bad.  In the mean time can you identify some principles on your belief window and how it might affect your behavior?  What are some principles in general people think true?

Hyrum W. Smith

 Hyrum W. Smith