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    Purposeful Retirement: How to Bring Happiness and Meaning to Your Retirement

    What’s Next? The dreaded question that retirees have. The options can seem so limited. Do you break down and buy that set of golf clubs or bust out the water colors and head to the park? You can do either, or you can do something else. Retirement can be whatever you want it to be. […]

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    Hyrum Smith Welcomes You To His Website

    Hyrum Smith Hyrum W. Smith in corporate circles is described as the ‘Father of Time Management’ and is probably associated in the minds of most people with what was FranklinQuest and is now FranklinCovey.  As the co-founder of these companies, he was directly responsible for training over 6 million people over the course of his […]

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    Why Do People Procrastinate?

    Procrastination is the most common self-inflicted ‘time robber!’  Whereas ‘interruptions’ are the most common form of  ‘other-inflicted’ time robbers.  So, Why do People Procrastinate?  To some, procrastination is a casual visitor, here today, gone tomorrow; to others it is a nagging mother-in-law, who comes for a weekend visit but ends up moving in!  To begin […]

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    Time Management Interruptions

    Time Management Interruptions Unwanted telephone calls and drop-in visitors cut into high-priority tasks like a meat cleaver.  Time management interruptions can be so frustrating.  Any interruption into our day and what we are trying to accomplish is annoying.  While we outwardly endure time management interruptions, we most often inwardly resent the intrusion on our time. […]

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    Why Time Management Is Important In Life

    Why Time Management Is Important In Life To answer why time management is important in life, remember that controlling your life means controlling your time, and controlling your time means controlling the events in your life.  Time is what keeps one darned thing after another from becoming every darned thing at once!  Time, therefore, is […]

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    What Good Is Time And What Is Time

    What Good Is Time and What Is It Anyway? If I were to stop you on the street and say, “Excuse me, what time is it?”  What would you do?  You’d probably look at your watch and say, “It’s a quarter to three,”  or some such thing.  But if I were to stop you on […]

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    Beliefs People Think True

    The Belief Window: What are the beliefs people think true?  The second piece of the model looks like a window.  Up on top of that window are the words “Belief Window.” Inside of that window is the word “principles.” In my previous article we began to really unveil The Reality Model starting with the first […]

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    To Love And Be Loved

    To Love And Be Loved Unless someone becomes pathological, every person on the planet has a basic human need to love and be loved.  What are some other basic human needs that we have? Today I will finally begin introducing pieces to The Reality Model. We will talk about Human Needs as the first piece […]

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