• newton

    What Is A Natural Law?

      What Is A Natural Law? Natural laws are fundamental patterns of nature and life that human experience has shown to be valid. What is a Natural Law?- A law that can rarely if ever be changed no matter what feeble attempts we as humans do to try and change it! Natural laws are rarely […]

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  • galileo-galilei

    What Did Galileo Discover?

    The Real World Defined. Before we can understand how the Reality Model works, we must understand the definitions to some key words, which are the foundation to the model; the first of which is ‘the real world’.  The Real World Defined is the world as it really is and might not be as we wish it […]

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  • blog2

    Personal Productivity Secrets

    Basic Principles of Productivity To begin understanding personal productivity secrets and the key to unlocking them, think about the following statement: The basic principles that help a human being become more productive and effective have not changed for 6,000 years. How is that for earth shattering personal productivity secrets! Almost three decades ago, I, with […]

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  • comfort-zone

    What Is a Comfort Zone

    “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” – Neale Donald Walsch What Is A Comfort Zone? We hear this buzz word all the time: ‘I’m in the ‘zone’, ‘red zones’, ‘neutral zone’, ‘zoning out’!  So, What is a comfort zone exactly?  We hear that buzz phrase all the time.  How does staying in your […]

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  • Hyrum W. Smith - You Are What You Believe

    How To Overcome Fear Failure

    The great news is that anyone can learn how to overcome fear failure.  The fear of failure whether it is related to work or home grips the hearts of many otherwise talented people with the potential to do great things. The first step is to identify your current belief on your belief window, then if […]

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  • hyrum_speaking_cropped

    The Heart of Managing Time

    “Someday, when I get time, I’m going to…” The desire to get organized is at the heart of managing time, to get the events in our lives under our control, to find time to do things we really want to, is felt by most of us at one time or another. How many times have you […]

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 Hyrum W. Smith