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“If you truly want to manage change and make the days and decisions of your life count, this is your owner’s manual.”—Denis Waitley, Ph.D., Author of The Psychology of Winning

If you are like most people, you suffer from “time famine.” You never have enough time to do what you feel needs to get done.

And what is really important to you often never gets done at all, things such as becoming financially secure, spending time with your loved ones, or taking time for yourself to stay healthy, relaxed, and happy.

Hyrum’s approach and system to time and life management will help you change that.

This book unveils a system that goes far beyond traditional time management. Its unique approach shows you how to identify the values that drive your life, organize your priorities, accomplish essential daily tasks, and carry out long-term, major goals.

Senior executives at many Fortune 500 companies and hundreds of other businesses use this system for the dramatic results they get in their personal as well as their professional lives.

Now you can discover the following:

  • The robbers that steal your most precious commodity: time
  • Your personal constitution — the most important list you will ever prioritize
  • SMART Goals to put your everyday life in line with what matters most to you
  • The secret of leveraging your time to increase you productivity
  • The three magic hours that will take you closest to accomplishing your top priorities
  • The ABC valuing system—a proven system with a new twist that makes it more effective
  • The 5-step formula that teaches you how to gain control of your life
  • The transformational planning idea that turned Bethlehem Steel into the biggest independent steel producer in the world

Praise for the Book

“This is one of the very best and easy to read personal development books. I view this as a classic in aligning your value system with your day-to-day activities to help you achieve success. Should be required reading for any person who struggles with life purpose and management of day-to-day tasks. Also, perfect for people who are looking to discover meaning for their life and how to make it much more rewarding.” -P. Duck, Florida

“I bought this book 5 years ago and after my first reading of it I began to call it my “Second Bible.” This is by far the best book of its kind surpassing many others in its field including the Anthony Robbins’ books and tapes, Stephan Covey’s works and many others.

“I don’t mean to put the others down because they are also very good, especially the Anthony Robbins books/tapes/CDs/etc. However I have noticed that when my life was going well it was because I was following the principles in this book, when my life was not going well it was because I was not following the principles in this book.

“It’s that simple. Everybody alive should have a copy of this book…I cannot highly recommend this enough. Get it, use it, and treat everything else as a supplement if you need more (which you might not). After 5 years with this my title of ‘Second Bible’ still holds. Enjoy.” -Paul Beaudry, New York

“This is, quite simply, the best book on time management and goal setting I have ever read. I’ve had my own dog-eared version for over 10 years, and whenever I feel as though life’s getting a little out of control and I’m not achieving what I set out to (even on a daily basis), I refer to this and it puts me back on track. I am so convinced of the power of the tools provided by this book that it has become my favorite gift to those I care about. If you only ever buy one book on time management – THIS IS THE ONE!” -Heath, California

“I bought this book by ‘accident’ since it was included in the Franklin Covey daily planner package. I always thought the to-do list was a good thing that people invented even though back then, at the end of the day, I didn’t really feel that satisfied after all items had been crossed out.

“This book totally turned the notion around. In order to experience inner-peace, the to-do list, which they called prioritized daily activities, has to be tied directly to your governing values.

“All the ideas in this book are principle-oriented. That means they have been tested in the real world to bring happiness in life – if you apply them deliberately. It has changed my life two years ago, and hopefully it will change yours.” -Reader in Wisconsin

“Before I read this book, my life was out of control. My self-esteem was running really low. I was overweight. My personality was always down in the gutter somewhere. I would stop being myself… I was so insecure about myself that I would actually read my horoscope first thing in the morning and totally believe that astrology was the answer to all my problems…obviously as foolish as I was, astrology was not the answer to happiness. This book does not really guarantee anything because the individual who reads the life-changing information is the one who must make the choice, the choice to change.

“But there is something even greater to this book than just prioritizing goals and time management, and that is happiness. This book offers tools and ultimately a way of thinking that ensures an individuals happiness. Hyrum Smith gives us the formula, and we just pop our own individual life characteristics and goals into the equation.

“The best self-help book out there!” -Reader in Ohio

“I thought a day planner was a waste until I read this book. Now I don’t laugh when I see someone carrying one.

“Hyrum Smith is the inventor of the (Franklin) Day Planner, so naturally he is able to sell it. He developed it is an outgrowth of time management training seminars that he has taught all over the world. In the first few chapters he details how to use your day planner to take notes, set reminders in the future, and keep it all connected.

“Time management turns out to be a small part of this book. Hyrum’s thesis is you will never be happy with managing your time unless your use of time is in sync with your personal values. Ergo, the title, Time and LIFE management. He elaborates a model of our behavior to show this. Have you ever discovered a belief or prejudice that you had to unlearn the hard way? And once you did, relationships with your significant other, coworkers, and/or friends got better? Hyrum’s model attempts to explain these “aha”s and epiphanies.

“I found my reading of this book very timely for myself; others who are not so introspective may find it profound, while I would expect some to find it boring.” -John Lipp, Texas

“A friend of mine passed on this book to me. At first sight, this appeared to be one another one of these time management book, but I decided to start reading it. I must say this is one of the rare instances when a book totally blew me away.

“First of all this book is multi-dimensional: it addresses time management, life management, leadership, stress management etc. These are all linked by what the author defines as natural laws, where behaviors reflect our internal belief system.

“This book also builds on Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Effective People, which is one of my other all time favorites. The author preaches taking control of one’s life, because that is the only way we can make an impact and achieve happiness. He identifies the numerous obstacles which lend us captives, and suggest ways that will help us turn it around.

“A very inspirational and educative book, one of these books that one needs to re-read regularly to ‘sharpen our saws.'” -Omair H., Texas

“Down-to-ground language, easy reading, understandable and most important easy and practical to implement.” -Carlos M., Florida

 Hyrum W. Smith