The Power of Perception (DVD)


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The Power of Perception is dedicated to using and teaching key concepts related to perception and behavior change to provide a positive, impactful learning experience that produces lasting results for individual, businesses, and organizations. The Power of Perceptions introduces you to, “The Reality Model.” Using the Reality Model you will find that you can identify and change behavioral and perceptual habits that will help you achieve inner peace.


  • Learn the 7 Laws of Reality that ultimately drive human behavior
  • Learn to see the difference between correct and incorrect principle
  • Discover inner peace through positive attitudes and behaviors

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Hyrum Smith is the author of several nationally published and acclaimed books, including The 10 Natural Laws of Successful Time and Life Management, What Matters Most, The Advanced Day Planner User’s Guide, The Modern Gladiator, and is co-author of Excellence Through Time Management. Founder of The Galileo Initiative and former Vice-Chairman of the Board of Franklin Covey Co., Hyrum W. Smith is a highly sought after keynote speaker and author.

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