To Love And Be Loved

To Love And Be Loved

Unless someone becomes pathological, every person on the planet has a basic human need to love and be loved.  What are some other basic human needs that we have?

Today I will finally begin introducing pieces to The Reality Model. We will talk about Human Needs as the first piece and why 4 basic human needs are the engine to driving all of our behavior both good and bad.

The Reality Model

In previous articles we have learned the meaning to a few words and ideas that are the foundation of this life changing model.  We, like Galileo, discovered what the Real World looks like. We looked at what Principles are, defined what is a Natural Law, and learned my definition of what is Addiction.
For now, mentally shelve these definitions. Go back and review them if you need to.  Here is the Reality Model.  There are five pieces to that model.

The First Piece, “Human Needs”

Look at the circle below:

Now understand this fact: You have four powerful, driving human needs.  Whether you think you’ve got them or not, you’ve got them.  Psychologists have done all kinds of studies. They all say we have these four powerful human needs.

  1. To live
  2. To love and be loved
  3. To feel important, to have value and significance
  4. To have variety

The most interesting one to me, by the way, is the fact that we all have a need for variety. That’s why you have a closet full of different kinds of clothes, you go on vacations, and you pay for cable or satellite TV to watch a wide variety of shows and productions. We have a very strong need for variety.

We represent the first piece of our model with a wheel, because this is the wheel that drives the model.  It gives power to the model.  You may even label this wheel with the word “engine,” because this is where the model gets its power.

Coming Next

In my next article, coming soon, I will describe the next critical piece of the model- The Belief Window– the window through which we see the world and through which we accept information from the world.  Here we will discover together the thousands of principles we have accepted as correct principles.

In the mean time, start identifying which of these 4 human needs drives some of the decisions and behaviors you exhibit? Do you do what you do to survive, to love and be loved, to feel important to some degree, or just to have a little variety in your life?

 Hyrum W. Smith