What Is A Natural Law?


What Is A Natural Law?

Natural laws are fundamental patterns of nature and life that human experience has shown to be valid. What is a Natural Law?- A law that can rarely if ever be changed no matter what feeble attempts we as humans do to try and change it!

Natural laws are rarely if ever changed or influenced to move in a different direction.  Did not Sir Isaac Newton discover this with his Apple?  No matter what we do gravity will enforce its will!  That Apple will fall straight down to the ground every time!  So it is with all natural laws.  We cannot change these laws to be what we want because they are universal and affect everyone.  Choosing to accept these laws or not will have an impact on the choices we make and the consequences of those choices.

In my last article we talked about the definition of the Real World  and related that to what did Galileo really Discover.  Understanding this definition as well as what is a natural law, principles and addiction, we will be well on our way to understanding how The Reality Model Works.

Lets talk about Principles.

What Is A Principle?

Once we see how things really are, we begin to perceive the principles our beliefs are based upon. Principles are what we believe to be true about ourselves, and what we believe about the world and our place in it. The principles we follow don’t change based on how our outside circumstance influence us.  Correct principles can give us direction as we make life decisions.  They are guideposts that help us successfully navigate the bombardment of change we are experiencing every day.

What Is Addiction?

Here is my definition of addiction: Addiction is compulsive behavior with short-term benefits and long-term destruction.  This is not a book on addiction. This is not a dictionary definition of addiction. The purpose of this definition will be very evident as you continue.

When I say the word addiction most people start thinking about drugs and alcohol.  Those are in fact addictive behaviors.  But alcoholism and drug abuse are only two of many different kinds of addictive behaviors. Think of other kinds of addictive behaviors. What are they?  Exercise, work, eating! There are lots of different kinds of addictive behaviors.

Now that we have defined the real world, principles, what is a natural law, and addictions you are ready to be introduced to The Reality Model.  As you read, remember these definitions. They will be instrumental in understanding and applying the model effectively.

Please look forward to my next post!

Hyrum W. Smith

 Hyrum W. Smith